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We Settle Tax Penalties Including Liens, Garnishments and Levies
Non-Filed Returns


The reasons for your unfiled tax returns are irrelevant–it is far more important to file your unpaid tax returns since the IRS will not extend any tax settlement offers…

Wage Garnishments


Wage garnishments, or wage levies, is a common tax collection strategy used by the IRS if you have repeatedly ignored their letters and warnings.

Levy Releases


If the IRS deems it appropriate, they have the authority to block your access to credit sources and even take money directly out of your accounts against your will.

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Wage garnishments releases, tax levy releases, tax lien removal and IRS resolution are our expertise and are not to be handled by anyone but a trained professional. One wrong move my you and you could be accruing twice as much debt as you started with, additional levies and putting your financial life in an even bigger downward spiral. Your personal deadlines are running wild and for these reasons millions of Americans fall behind their tax payments, with the IRS at their necks asking them to pay.

It takes a trained professional to see where these apply. For these reasons millions of Americans fall behind their tax payments, with the IRS at their necks asking them to pay.

But how is someone supposed to pay for huge back tax liabilities on short notice?

It’s impossible—and that’s where we come in.

Empire Tax Solutions works with a team of professional tax consultants to help settle your individual and corporate tax debts. We have clear strategies to settle your tax debts for the lowest possible amounts. We offer a wide range of IRS tax relief services, including tax lien removals, full-service tax management, and back tax relief services to clients in New York and the rest of the United States.

Call us at 917-977-1785 for a free, no-obligation consultation for your predicament.

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IRS Deal With Back Taxes
How Does the IRS Deal With Back Taxes?

The IRS can use any number of strategies to get you to pay your taxes. They’ll take you to court, get tax liens imposed and sell them or freeze your assets. Rather than help you settle your debt, they make it even more difficult to pay them.

Don’t be surprised if you get a notice of wage garnishment, tax liens or tax penalties because of back taxes.

Call us immediately instead to set a free consultation on the best ways to be rid of your tax obligations as soon as possible.

Under What Conditions Can You Get Tax Relief?

An Offer in Compromise from the IRS is what you’re looking for. If you meet the basic criteria to apply for an OIC, the IRS will reduce the total tax liability.

We look for ways to reduce your initial tax debt by applying possible deductions and then applying for an OIC to get rid of your debts.

This two-step approach makes it very convenient to get the IRS off your back indefinitely. We’ll also help you manage your finances to make sure you never fall back on your tax payments again!

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