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In recent years, the IRS has become increasingly stringent and stifling with tax regulations. The past few years have been uncertain for people and businesses because of routine changes to the tax legislation both at the state and federal levels.

In this confusion, many have found themselves dealing with tax problems and negotiating with the IRS to little effect.

Empire Tax Solutions in New York helps individuals and businesses negotiate back-tax repayments while guiding you on how to establish long-term tax management strategies.

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Effective tax management strategies take into account all of your income streams and devising a holistic approach that can minimize your liability. We offer tax management and bookkeeping services to align your personal and business finances with a long-term tax minimization plan.

We also negotiate your back-tax repayments with the IRS on your behalf. Our negotiators and tax consultants have years of experience in the industry, helping resolve disputes between clients and the IRS.

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Tax Advisory and Renegotiation Services For Immediate Debt Relief

The median tax receipts from households in New York is just over 26% higher than anywhere else in the country, while corporate tax rates have increased at a rate of 2% over the past decade. Tax burdens have slowly crept higher every year to become a major concern for businesses and individuals alike, to take a huge chunk out of your earnings.

In New York, these high taxes can also be accompanied by financial penalties of as much as 25% of total tax bills—often charged against people who were unaware of their entire tax bills.

These dynamics can be put down to poor tax management plans and tax preparation that fail to minimize your liability. With the IRS sending you notices, filing tax liens and freezing your assets—it only becomes much more difficult to keep up with your payments.

Do not worry! The tax consultants over at Empire Tax Solutions can renegotiate your tax bills and get you immediate debt relief!

Call us at 917-977-1785 to hire our people to manage your taxes and help you be free of the IRS’s influence.

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