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The IRS offers several different strategies to help you avoid getting into a financial crunch, especially if you’re struggling to pay the tax debt. With the right help and options, you can avoid huge penalties and settle your debt without breaking the bank. To settle your tax debt with the IRS without paying the full …
A federal tax lien affects you in many ways. It directly impacts your ability to get credit, right to business property and account receivables, and all future assets acquired even during the lien. In fact, in some cases, the Notice of Federal Tax Lien continues even after you’ve filed for bankruptcy. But what really is …
Dealing with the IRS and tax resolution cases is never fun—not to mention time-consuming. It’s a federal government entity that has a systematic and meticulous way of working. Tax resolution cases are usually exhausting for taxpayers. You can’t confront or intimidate the officials into doing things through your way. It’ll just make matters worse for …
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