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Enrolled Agents Vs. Tax Attorney: How Do They Differ?

Do you know what’s common between death and taxes? You can’t avoid either of them! Millions of Americans struggle to their taxes, and the IRS isn’t exactly lenient about it.

If you’re on the same boat, the first thing you need to do is be realistic and realize that something needs to be done. Secondly, it’s impossible to negotiate with the IRS if you don’t have the right expertise. Professional help is vital. If you’re confused about who to go to, this blog might help you decide:

Tax attorneys

Tax attorneys are tax professionals that specialize in accounting, finance, and taxation. Their tax-related expertise includes federal, state, and municipal policies and rules. Tax attorneys also specialize in complex tax liability, estate planning and transfer, and property acquisition. They pass the bar exam and are licensed to practice law. They could be hired by both individuals and law firms.

A tax attorney represents you in a court for administrative appeals if your tax-related dispute can’t be solved out of court. You can hire them to represent you in the Tax Court, the Court of Appeals, and even the U.S. Supreme Court. Tax attorneys also work in joint conjunction with CPAs to prepare your tax documents. Since tax attorneys have law degrees, they also offer legal advice related to tax liability, wage garnishment, property liens, and account levies. There are many types of tax attorneys, depending on the type of tax you need help with.

Tax debt documents

Enrolled agents

On the other hand, an enrolled agent or a tax debt relief agent is also federally licensed but has no state restrictions to practice. They can represent taxpayers throughout the country. They don’t have law degrees but pass special IRS examinations to represent anyone dealing with a tax dispute. They’re specifically licensed by the US Treasury and the IRS to assist taxpayers.

An enrolled agent’s expertise covers delinquent and unfiled tax returns, IRS collections and appeals, back tax settlements, wage garnishments, bank levies, employment 941 payroll, tax audits, and liens. They’re generally a more feasible option than CPAs and tax attorneys because they charge you less per hour.

Enrolled agents are usually associated with tax debt relief companies. As part of their strategy, they take all your income streams into account and devise a holistic approach to minimize your tax liabilities. They’re negotiators and consultants whose job is to resolve any disputes between their clients and the IRS.

Need help?

A hefty tax bill can make your life look bleak, but it’s not the world’s end. Empire Tax Solutions from New York is home to a team of highly-qualified tax debt relief agents. We work day in and day out to minimize our clients’ tax liability and improve their overall financial well-being. Learn more about our tax resolution services online. Get in touch.