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So, you received another threatening collection notice from the IRS or state? Ignoring the IRS or trying to solve the problem alone is not only dangerous and time consuming, it can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties, creating more problems down the road. Contact Empire Tax Solutions today. Our team of aggressive tax professionals are here to help you navigate your options. Our highly skilled tax professionals and attorneys specialize in all the tax relief cases listed, including IRS appeals, offers in compromise, penalty abatement, innocent spouse, wage garnishment releases and many more. We will listen to your problem, analyze and determine the best solution for your situation. Our priority is to get the IRS off your back, safeguard your assets, and save you money. Contact Empire Tax Solutions today to settle your tax issues once and for all, we can help you with IRS bank seizures, corporate tax debt resolution, and IRS tax resolution concerns.

While we’re based in New York, we offer services across the United States.

Non-Filed Returns

There are numerous reasons that led to the lapse in filing each year from illness, family emergency, lack of finances, losing your w-2, never receiving your tax documents from your job, etc. We understand these circumstances and remain dedicated to taking charge of this task no matter what obstacle you have faced in the past. Empire Tax Solutions will take over this overwhelming task by obtaining all of your past years wage information. Take the first step on the path to financial freedom & settling your tax debt is to file your past years returns. Not filing required tax returns can be construed by the IRS as tax evasion, considered a criminal act. This is a very serious matter, punishable by a fine of $10,000 and one year in jail for each year not filed. However, the IRS would much rather get taxpayers back into the system than prosecute the average person who makes a mistake. Let the experts at Empire Tax Solutions navigate your future to financial freedom so you can focus on your life and career.


The most aggressive technique the IRS uses to collect on your back tax debt is by means of contacting your employer and taking up to 90% of your wages leaving you with absolutely nothing left to pay your bills and put food on your table. It is usually at this point that most will contact us in a frantic state. Even worse, they may call the IRS first and say or do something that will put themselves in a worst position. If you think getting garnished or levy is a bad feeling, imagine hearing from an IRS agent that there is nothing you can do. The good news is that there is absolutely something you can do and that is to contact Empire Tax Solutions so we can not only stop the bleeding but we could save you a huge amount of time, money, unnecessary anxiety and stress. When you have the team of Empire Tax Solutions on your side, the anxiety, stress, and worry will finally disintegrate.

Wage Garnishments
Levy Releases

Other avenues of aggressive activity the IRS takes to collect are by means of a bank account levy. Yes, you will be in for a surprise when your debit card is declined at the grocery store because your checking, savings and other accounts are in the negative thanks to this lingering tax debt. This is not the end of the road. There is still time at this point to not only get your funds back, but to let the experts at Empire Tax Solutions aggressively represent you, get your levy released and get your life back on track. Stop living in the constant state of paranoia and let us take care of your tax problems.


Once you miss your first tax deadline, you’ll likely start incurring penalties and interest from the IRS. So, if your back taxes have gone unpaid for years, then you’ve likely amassed a much larger tax debt already. The longer you wait to pay it off, the larger that debt will become. At Empire Tax Solutions, an experienced tax professional may be able to reduce your penalties, potentially reducing your total debt considerably. Your Attorney or Enrolled Agent will represent you in taking necessary steps to prove that you meet at least one of the three requirements to qualify for abatement.


If you are unable to pay your tax debt in full, you may qualify to have your debt settled for less than the full amount owed. The tax relief experts at Empire Tax Solutions perform this type of negotiation daily. Settlement based on full financial review by Empire Tax Solutions is the most effective way to resolve and reduce your tax liability.


Couples filing joint returns are held equally responsible for the tax return and the payment of appropriate taxes. In some cases, however, a spouse can be relieved of all IRS tax, interest, and penalties on a joint return.

There are three types of innocent spouse relief are potentially available for people who believe the tax debt is not their responsibility: innocent spouse relief, separation of liability, and equitable relief. Each has different requirements.


Audits are common for all taxpayers ranging from the wealthy to the average Joe. Audits occur all the time that end up in the favor of the taxpayer if you have the right team on your side. We all have necessary expenses that contribute to our daily business and are necessary to survive. You could be audited for several reasons and you decide to not respond, or you are too afraid that there may not be a positive outcome. Again, that is why we are here. We are the experts in audit representation. We thoroughly investigate your financial situation and aggressively appeal any decision that is not in your favor. You have rights as a taxpayer and choosing to not exercise these rights will cost you thousands of dollars. Call Empire Tax Solutions today.

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