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Wage Garnishments

What Are Wage Garnishments?

The IRS imposes increasingly stringent penalties if you consecutively disregard their notices regarding pending tax payments of tax filing requirements. At the end of the day, all citizens of the United States are required to pay-off their tax debt to the IRS—failing to do so holds you liable to suffer the penalties imposed by the agency.

Wage garnishment is a common strategy used by the IRS is to coerce payments out of delinquent taxpayers—which includes both the principle tax amounts, as well as the interest and penalties accrued on the tax obligation. In such a situation, the IRS sends a notice to your employer notifying them that you have unpaid tax dues—further informing them that they must pay a portion of your salary directly to the IRS to fulfill your tax obligations.

In this process, there’s really nothing that your employer can do to prevent making those payments—nor is it possible for you to stop the IRS from taking this money from you. The only way out of this trap is by employing an IRS negotiations agency that can help you escape the penalties imposed by the IRS and convince them to stop the wage garnishments.

How Can Empire Tax Solutions Help?

At Empire Tax Solutions, we have years of experience helping our clients escape the various penalties and collection strategies employed by the IRS. Whatever your reasons for missing on your tax payments or tax filing deadlines, we make sure that you get away with as fewer impositions from the IRS as possible.

We take a proactive approach to your IRS problems by engaging the IRS in negotiations to arrange payment agreements that are easier for you to meet. We use a wide range of strategies to reduce your tax liabilities, such as negotiating offers in compromise, tax payment settlements, penalty abatements, tax lien revocations and even revocations for wage garnishment.

At Empire Tax Solutions, we recognize that making massive tax payments can become a suffocating noose and it’s not possible for you to deal with the IRS by yourself. Which is why, we offer our expertise to represent your interests in front of the IRS—to help you manage your tax payments with as little hassle as possible.

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